We research needs, design solutions and moderate processes based on the user. We are here for you and we adapt our techniques to you, so choosing Thinkle is the best decision.

Product & Service Audits

Do you want to know in detail how the user perceives your product or service? Thanks to our audits, you will discover this information.

analiza strategiczna

Market research

We will conduct an advanced market research for you so that you can make strategic decisions based on accurate data.


Are you looking for someone who will lead your team through a creative session or a process? You've come to the right place.

badania rynku

Creating products, services and processes

We want to get to know your needs, understand your users and create solutions for your company that your customers will love.

Human-Centered Design

techniki kreatywne

Creative problem solving

We are looking for an original and pioneering solution to the problem. Design Thinking allows creating solutions desired by users and meeting their expectations, technologically feasible and economically justified.

user shadowing

Concentration on the user's needs

We start the processes with qualitative research, during which we analyze the problems of target groups. We conduct ethnographic interviews, observations, create personas and customer paths.


Prototyping and testing

We generate a lot of ‘crazy’ and creative ideas to later build real and tangible prototypes from the most promising ones. Then we collect feedback from customers. We carry out previously planned tests among defined target groups. The testers give their opinion on the usability of the solutions and we improve the prototype until it meets their expectations.

Let's create something together

We help people to change their perspective and companies to adapt to the market requirements.

We specialize in:

  1. auditing and creating products and services;
  2. market research;
  3. facilitation of processes and creative sessions.