Product and Service Audit

Do you want to discover how the user perceives your product or service? Thanks to our audits you will have this opportunity.

How do we do it?

audyt usług

Our value

We have an interdisciplinary team of specialists. We will make a reliable and efficient independent evaluation of your offer.

service design


We audit the current offer and carry out qualitative and quantitative research with target groups.

techniki kreatywne


We create customer paths, personas, stakeholder maps, service schemes and storyboards.



We define the challenges and needs of the enterprise using the methods used by Fortune 500 companies.

Why it is worth it

Use the Service Design and Design Thinking tools to improve products and services in your organization. Thus, you will base your solutions on reliable qualitative and quantitative research carried out with users.

By developing ideas and experiences responding to customers’ needs, you will build a long-lasting relationship with them and achieve increased interest and sales.

Let's create something together

We help people to change their perspective and companies to adapt to the market requirements.

We specialize in:

  1. auditing and creating products and services;
  2. market research;
  3. facilitation of processes and creative sessions.