Different thoughts, various views, many experiences.

Design Thinking | Service Design

Team of designers

We are called designers, but we do not create works of art. Instead we produce useful, necessary and market-oriented solutions that bring good experiences to consumers.

Our process is transparent

We create by using a structured Design Thinking process, which consists of five stages: researching needs, defining problems, generating solutions, prototyping Minimal Viable Product and A/B tests.

We listen to our customers

We cannot imagine successful cooperation without knowing your needs.

We provide custom solutions

We base our activities primarily on market research, trends and people. We adapt the solutions to the recipients, not the other way around.

Together we examine, create and implement

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Our partners

We become business partners for clients, not one-time subcontractors. We build long-term relationships with them. Do you want to join them?

Let's create something together

We help people to change their perspective and companies to adapt to the market requirements.

We specialize in:


  1. auditing and creating products and services;
  2. market research;
  3. facilitation of processes and creative sessions.