Market research

Constant analysis of the environment is crucial for the future of the company. We will conduct detailed research for you, and we will help you make strategic decisions based on the collected conclusions.

badania rynku
Consumer research

We discover the needs, preferences and consumer behavior on the market. We diagnose their satisfaction and loyalty by using proven tools in the field of customer experience.

analiza strategiczna
Strategic analysis of the company

It is indispensable when new decisions are made in the company, a new production is launched or a new service is introduced. As part of strategic research, we identify the conditions in which your company will operate in the future (including diagnosis of own resources of the company and competition examination).

badania rynku
Segmentation / product research

We determine the brand's recognition and image. We find elements that allow us to properly select products and services to a specific group of customers using consumer insights.

Sectoral and macroeconomic analysis

We check the attractiveness and degree of risk of the planned investment in a given sector, industry and location. We analyze micro- and macro environment of the company, and recognize the trends occurring among target groups.

How do we do it?

We conduct qualitative research that helps us understand the exact causes of certain behaviors: what people think about a topic, how they make specific decisions and why. We conduct qualitative research on a representative number of people, thanks to which we thoroughly analyze selected phenomena. The best sources of such data are group interviews, in-depth individual interviews and moderated creative sessions.


We also carry out quantitative research which main goal is to determine the scale of phenomena and trends prevailing on the market. We use surveys that help us measure Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) indicators.



Ethnographic interviews

We conduct in-depth individual interviews (IDI) and focus group interviews (FGI). We talk to your target groups according to a previously designed scenario to draw meaningful conclusions about their problems, needs and expectations.

badania ilościowe


We examine the scale of the problem by using questionnaires. The survey is carried out mainly by telephone. The interviewer is asked to choose one of the answers or to determine the degree of satisfaction.

user shadowing

User shadowing

The form of observation within which we follow the user and monitor everything that is happening around him. We pay attention to the interaction between it and the brand under study in order to understand the client’s behavior as best as possible.

service safari

Service safari

The form of participant observation which relies on the experience of the service. In order to collect information about the services offered on the market, we use them and then analyze the observations.

Why it is worth it

Use the Service Design and Design Thinking tools to improve products and services in your organization. Thus, you will base your solutions on specific, reliable qualitative and quantitative research carried out with users.

By developing ideas and experiences responding to customers’ needs, you will build a long-lasting relationship with them and achieve increased interest and sales.


Let's create something together

We help people to change their perspective and companies to adapt to the market requirements.

We specialize in:

  1. auditing and creating products and services;
  2. market research;
  3. facilitation of processes and creative sessions.