Are you looking for someone to guide your team through the product development process or the creative session? We come to help.

Worth knowing

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Creating solutions that meet customer needs can be a bumpy ride. Our facilitator helps teams to create prototypes ready for testing with users by using the assumptions and tools of Design Thinking and Service Design.



Facilitations take the form of a workshop. We moderate the project team through the subsequent stages of creating a product, service or process. We help to understand effective tools for researching creative needs and work. Participants gain the competences needed to run projects that put the user in the center.


For whom?

Enterprises looking for tools and ways to enable more efficient and effective work of project teams. We dedicate faculties to product, sales, marketing, development and HR departments.

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Moderacja sesji kreatywnej

Moderation of the creative session

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Brainstorming does not work?

The most popular tool for finding new ideas but not really efficient one. Discover other, more engaging creative techniques that will translate into more effective collaboration and greater team engagement.

Create thousands of innovative solutions

We will help you understand how to match the known tools and techniques to your problems.

Facilitation for the Human Resources department

Module: How do you know and define employee problems?

Employee Experience plays a significant role when it comes to the decision of changing the employer. You will go through two stages of the Design Thinking methodology, empathize and define, and you will learn how to better explore the needs of the company’s employees.

Module: How to find the perfect candidate and streamline the recruitment process?

You can build your reputation for 20 years and destroy it in 5 minutes. The first impression has a huge impact on the further relationship with the candidate. You will learn to use proven Service Design tools to design the recruitment process and onboarding.

Module: How to effectively design Employees Branding activities?

Friendly atmosphere and development opportunities have never been so important to employees. You will learn tools that will help you in designing Employer Branding solutions.

Facilitation of the design process


design thinking

Are you looking for new tools for work?

During facilitation, we enrich your course of action with effective tools and techniques for researching the needs of recipients, generating solutions and testing prototypes.

Do you want to try Design Thinking?

Have you heard about the methodology and would like to adapt it to your team’s work? We will guide you through the entire process and help you choose the elements that will best suit the specificity of the industry.

Let's create something together

We help people to change their perspective and companies to adapt to the market requirements.

We specialize in:


  1. auditing and creating products and services;
  2. market research;
  3. facilitation of processes and creative sessions.