Design Thinking training

Thanks to Thinkle workshops, you will discover how to use the Design Thinking methodology in designing products and services.

Intensive two-day workshops will prepare you for running projects with the help of Design Thinking. You will gain new skills and use in practice a set of tools that will give your design work a new quality.

Our Design Thinking training will help you look at the challenge through user’s eyes and using the right methods will bring out your creativity.


Workshops are designed for those who want to learn the secrets of designing products and services focused on the needs of users. Anyone who wants to acquire new skills and learn about tools that will improve their work will be welcomed. Workshops are dedicated to entrepreneurs, project managers and employees of sales, HR, marketing, development and UX departments.

Design Thinking methodologys’ open trainings take place in Wroclaw. However, if you would like to take part in our workshops in another city, let us know!



Early bird: 1190 zł

Regular tickets: 1340 zł

What does the price include?


✔ A 2-day workshop participation.


✔ Training materials and toolbox with tools used during exercises.


✔ Certificate of Design Thinking completion.


✔ 2 hours of online advice from the trainer in the field of Design Thinking methodology               (have to be used within 2 months from the end of workshop).


✔ Lunch and coffee breaks.


Why is it worth it?

techniki kreatywne


You will never have a problem with creating solutions for emerging challenges in your company.


Collecting feedback from the customers

You will achieve knowledge about the necessary tools of collecting and analyzing opinions from your clients and employees.


Examining customer needs

You will learn how to properly define the needs of your product or service user.

analiza strategiczna
Generowanie rozwiązań
Tworzenie person
badania rynku
Wywiady jakościowe



  • The first day
  • What is the methodology and what are its distinguishing features. Debunking myths about Design Thinking and presenting global case studies as well as our own realizations.
  • Introduction to the world of Design Thinking.
  • Definition of empathy and introduction to stage.
  • Empathise.
  • Presentation and practical use of tools (qualitative interviews, persona, empathy maps, Thinkle’s original tool — Tower od Value, moodboards).
  • Empathise.
  • How to effectively define a design challenge.
  • Define.
  • Presentation and practical use of tools (defining problems, problem mapping, Thinkle's original tools — Why Triangle and 5W, transforming problems into design challenges).
  • Define.
  • Day two
  • Definition of Ideate, or how to stimulate your imagination through creative techniques.
  • Ideate.
  • Presentation and practical use of tools (Walt Disney method, mash up, MoSCow, reverse brainstorming, IDEA CARD).
  • Ideate.
  • What is the purpose of the prototype stage and how to do it to get the actual MVP.
  • Prototype.
  • Prototyping using tools such as: mock-ups, storyboards, scenes.
  • Prototype.
  • How to consciously plan and conduct testing in order to provide feedback on the prototype.
  • Test.
  • Practical testing with helpful tools.
  • Test.
  • Summary of the training.
  • End.



Karolina Jurewicz

CEO and Product and Service Designer at the Thinkle advisory agency. A facilitator of processes and a coordinator of projects carried out with the Design Thinking methodology for Hicron and WKS Śląsk Wrocław. Using the Human-Centered Design tools, she is looking for opportunities to increase human potential. Experienced in the financial industry and in internet marketing. She supported marketing activities of the successful crowding-out of Doctor Brew on the Crowdway platform. When she does not work, she discovers new flavors and regularly visits Wrocław theaters.



Project Manager and Scrum Master in Thinkle; previously a Project Manager in a company dealing with space architecture Space is More. Practitioner of the Design Thinking methodology in projects for Bergman Engineering, WKS Śląsk Wrocław or the analog space base Lunares Research Station. A graduate in the Film and Television Production at the Faculty of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia. In his free time, he prefers active rest or a good story, regardless of the medium that tells it.


Joanna Cholewka

On a daily basis associated with the CSM department in LiveChat – one of the largest Polish startups. The Human-Centered Design tools support her every day when building action strategies or taking care of customer relations. Co-coordinator of many projects implemented in accordance with the assumptions of Service Design. She holds the position of Account Executive in Thinkle. Her other side is windsurfing, basketball and computer graphics.



Digs deep down to the secrets of branding, PR and CX. In the past, she was involved in many voluntary activities, including the National Forum of Music and the Watchdocs Festival while being a member of Amnesty International Polska. Sherlock often travels, is interested in handball and mountain tourism.

What do participants say after the training?

“Personally I believe a very big plus was the form of the meeting, which was not only a transfer of the DT theory and related facts, but also the opportunity to talk in a group and the practical application of the discussed technique."

Patryk Krajczy

Organic chemist

"We are fully satisfied with the level of preparation and conduct of the workshop. The program has been developed in accordance with the needs of our company with a great emphasis on the practical side of the tools discussed. The vast knowledge of the trainers supported by the implemented projects, a nice atmosphere, as well as a thorough treatment of the issues posing in the user's center deserve great recognition."

Maciej Teska

CEO of Synergy Codes

"When I left the Thinkle workshop, I felt satisfied with the well-invested time, I am sure that the tools and ideas that accompany the Design Thinking, will allow me to approach some problems differently and solve them more effectively."

Karol Gawron


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